Blocky: an inherently familiar object; deeply grounded in the Australian bush; engaged in a pioneering journey along the Muray river; And, enrolled in the advancement of science and technology.

Blocky shares a deep heartfelt love of Australia, its lands, peoples and environment with a wish to share stories, situated experiences and cultural practices.

The embodiment of Blocky, an off-cut from a gatepost of the familial home, heralds to the pragmatism and pioneering roots of the Paynter Family since their arrival to South Australia in 1846 and journey from Burra, Onkaparings, Wharparilla and Table Top.

For many years Blocky sat at the nexus between two worlds, nestled at the foot of the fire-door between the garage and workshop of the family home.

Familiar and at rest, enrolled simultaneously in multiple worlds. Worldings, that helped define its narrative agency and indeed material form.

A Pragmatic world of Making

In the world of the garage, Blocky embodied the pragmatic readiness of a wood block to prop and assist in the cutting of other objects. A world of making, of doing and building things.

It is in this world of making, Blocky inherited its distinctive chips and distinctive triangular markings that remain prevalent and distinctive today, the result of the making of a model boat by wood chisel.

A methodological and technological world

In the world of the workshop, Blocky was a keen observer of the technological. Of radio receivers, black and white televisions, cathode ray tubes, transistors and all manner of associated test equipment.

Blocky was the observer of the technological practices resulting in the study of TechnoScience, discussions of cybernetics and technological reproduction with laser cutters and augmented reality to transmit messages over a public internet.