Cybernetic Futures

My name is Blocky,

An object of technoscience,
A product of colonial and imperial,
A product of an industrialist mindset,
A result of the cyber-physical dream,
A dream of a cybernetic meadow.

I sit in the precise imprecise,
I pierce the intersection of real and imaginary.
I look to a time when:

heart and mind,
eastern and western,
physical and virtual,
one and zero,
on and off,
public and private,
resonant and dissonant,
black and white,
social and capital,
in and out,
open and closed,
real and imaginary,
seen and unseen,
light and dark,
classical and contemporary,
past and present,
analogue and digital,
faith and reason,
harmony and melody,
heard and unheard,
republican and democrat.
sun and moon,
treble and bass.
allow the heart to sing, the mind to fly,
and, thoughts of joy to ring.

This practicum consists of two hands on activities, building and coding. They are designed to encourage an exploration of the concepts of cybernetics and material-semiotic agency.


Building Lab

Design and produce your own 3D Blocky, a message stick with an AprilTag allowing it to release a message on the internet

Coding Lab

Code your Blocky application to release your message.